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Join me on a quest to shine light into the dark corners of the recruitment industry and help everyone to understand how this industry works.

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With a wealth of experience in recruitment, I have a deep understanding of the industry. Starting my career at a recruitment agency and subsequently working for large corporations overseeing global hiring efforts, I have interviewed and recruited thousands of candidates. Additionally, I have trained and coached professionals at all levels and from diverse backgrounds across the globe.

I am also a speaker, LinkedIn Top Voice, blogger, and book author of several books, including Job Search Guide and Full Stack Recruiter: The Ultimate Edition, which became an international bestseller in the recruitment industry.

Sharing my knowledge with other recruiters and job seekers is something I am really passionate about—it’s one of the reasons why I started this newsletter.

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Talent Acquisition Leader, sourcer/recruiter, blogger, trainer, speaker, book author, and results-oriented leader with experience in international recruiting/sourcing.